Many Companies Are Selling More and More Products Around the World

Many companies are selling More and more products around the world. Do you think this development is advantageous or disadvantageous?

In a large number of companies selling lots of products all over the world. In this essay, first, I will discuss merits as well as demerits related to this and then deduce whether the development has more advantages or disadvantages.

There is a multifarious advantage associated with this development. First and foremost, if companies sell their products around the globe, it is not only beneficial for the organization but also for the nation. To say it coma with import and export nation connect with various countries as well as this activity boost the economy of the nation. For the more, there are many products which are made in a particular country due to the fact multinational company provide every item in every corner of the world. For example, Apple iPhone is made in California and assembled by China but sells all around the world, so people enjoy this gadget from anywhere.

However, it has some disadvantages related to this trend. To commence with, sometimes many companies sell very low-quality products due to this, masses waste their money because it is very difficult to replace with the new one. Although the advancement in technology gives many options for people, they might gain loss many times. For instance, Snapdeal is a multinational company and provide their products buy online delivery all around the globe, however, may sometimes the piece of item is changed by mistake of the worker so customer face problem because if they order anything for anyone such as a birthday gift and so on they did not give on time.

In conclusion, it is clear from the above discussion that, although there have demerits, they do not overlook the merits because these companies provide employment to many people and show the availability of any single piece of item in every hook and corner of the world.

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