Many Doctors Recommend that Older People Exercise Regularly

Many doctors recommend that older people exercise regularly, but most patients do not follow an exercise routine. Why do you think this happens? How can people be encouraged to exercise regularly?

The importance of exercise is vital for health can not be ignored, which always debatable has now become more controversial, with many people claiming that it is beneficial while others reject this notion. The substantial influence of this trend has sparked controversy other the potential impact in recent years. In my opinion former proposition appears to be more rational. This essay further elaborates the views for favouring the positive impact of this trend and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.

Analysing the statement, the explaining the first and foremost reason behind this most people do not work in older age, due to less work they become lazy and unhealthy. The doctor recommends them daily exercise and healthy food to become fit and healthy. Another striking benefit of exercise is that it controls weight and helps to weight loss. Categorically discussing, it cannot be ignored that the main reason behind this is that older age people become ill but exercise combat health conditions and diseases.

Probing ahead, one of the main underlying reasons that stem from facts is that aged people denied exercise because their bones become weak due to ageing factors or illness. Moving further, it is pertinent to mention that exercise is hard and has some rules and regulations, but older people are becoming aggressive for rulings, apart from the reasons mentioned above it is stated clearly that exercise is necessary for a good and healthy life.

To recapitulation, according to the arguments aforementioned above, one can reach the conclusion that exercise for older one must have fun that has some joy in it. They should do exercise which decreases the ageing factor and become them healthy needs to some notice.

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