Many People Believe that Playing Games and Watching Tv Programmes Is Beneficial

Many people believe that playing games and watching TV programmes is beneficial but others say it doesn’t improve the mental ability of children. to What extent do you agree or disagree.

Several individuals say that it is helpful for people to watch a television programme and play games, but the section of society believes that it is hazardous to their mental ability. I largely disagree with the said notion.

To begin with the benefits of watching TV and playing games. The first and foremost is that it helps broaden the horizon of the imagination of the child. In other words, there is numerous program that is telecast on television and other platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and so on where children can watch a different kind of programmes as per their interest. Some programs are full of mystery and suspense, and when children watch them, they try to solve the mystery with their imagination which is shown in the film or series. Hence, imagination is the part of Mental ability I which helps to develop by watching that programs. Secondly, the effect of games is also responsible for the development of mental ability. To explain it, we all know that nowadays juveniles are more intelligent than in the past and the reason is technology. Mobile phones and computers are becoming advanced day by day. new games are introduced in those gadgets which are free of cost .when children start playing the games they have a crush city to complete the level of that particular game .they can use their intelligence to pass the level and to play next also it is in the human nature to try something new .as a result brain will be sharper after playing the games

There are also some drawbacks. The prominent one is that when children become addicted to mobile phones and televisions. Instead of an increase in their mental ability, their skills are more destroyed. Not only this, it affects their physical fitness. Physical activity is essential to increase mental ability. If they are attached to those gadgets, call time, they will become a lazy man or woman and do not want to do anything in their life.

In conclusion, although there are some demerits of watching TV programmes and playing games, I believe that it helps to become an intelligent and hard-working person which is helpful for their future life.

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