News Companies Spend a Lot of Money Covering International News

Nowadays, news companies spend a lot of money covering international news. However, local news is more relevant to people’s lives and should receive more funding. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

News is an essential thing in today’s life. Some people opine that broadcast organizations are spending more money to cover global news. Others think that extra funds should be given to regional news because it has relevance to local society. I partially disagree with the above statement; I feel that both international and local news should receive an equal amount of funds and will discuss the same in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin with, Worldwide news is as important as local news. Firstly, the global news enables us to know about what is happening around the world, and it is the news broadcaster’s responsibility. For example, without international news, it is impossible to know about the killing of many people by the army in Myanmar; it is a heinous act by the military. The whole world condemned the act. Secondly, by the broadcasting of the worldwide news, if any country is affected with any calamities such as earthquakes and floods. The other countries will come forward to help the damaged country. For instance, when Kerala was attacked with floods in 2019, many people around the world donated money, which helped in rebuilding the state.

On the other hand, Local news has its own importance. Regional news helps the individuals about the situations happening in their surroundings and their own state. The local news alerts society about the happenings in their place. In other words, nowadays, people know about which area in their state has more coronavirus cases and not traveling to that region. Finally, state news plays a vital role in helping the members of society by alerting them about traffic jams and weather conditions.

To conclude, I reiterate my opinion that humans need to know about global news and regional news in the era of globalization. Therefore, both newscasts should receive an equal amount of funds from news organizations.

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