Nowadays Many People Prefer to Use Private Cars.

Nowadays many people prefer to use private cars. What problems has this trend created? What solutions can you suggest?

In this modern epoch, the number of private car users has increased tremendously. As a consequence, it creates a negative problem for public health and the environment as well. Therefore, it is important for us to establish effective measures to cope with this problem.

Admittedly, overuse of private cars could affect declines in human physical strength. People who over-reliance on their own vehicles, even for a short distance journey, will have limited time to exercise to maintain good health. Thus, it is not uncommon that many of them would feel unwell easily and vulnerable to diseases. Moreover, the traffic problems that are caused by private cars have an impact on air pollution in the environment. This air pollution has bad side effects on the earth and human beings as well, such as global warming and inhalation diseases.

Nevertheless, there are several ways that are useful and effective in solving this problem. Firstly, the price of fuel oil for private cars must be high. Government should make this kind of regulation, as imposing high prices for private vehicles will reduce their dependence on cars. Apart from this, the campaign related to the use of public transportation and walking in the place nearby would be accepted quickly in the society. It also gives a valuable opportunity for people indirectly to exercise and regain health. In the future, it will reduce the traffic problems and the disposal of waste effluents from the cars, which they are facing every day so that they will be able to live healthily.

In conclusion, reliance on private cars can improve the traffic problems and pollution, and it is also dangerous for human health. To tackle this, the government needs to make regulations and campaigns about fuel price, public transportation and walking nearby that could create a better place to live.

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