The Movement of People from Villages to Cities for Work Can Cause Serious Problems in Both Places

The movement of people from villages to cities for work can cause serious problems in both places. What are the serious problems associated with this? What measures can be taken to solve these problems?

The Paradigm shift is responsible for migrating people for employment from countryside areas to urban areas. This relocation can cause hurdles for both metropolitan areas as well as rural areas. Pollution and congestion will take place in cities, and villages will remain undeveloped. This situation can be handled by creating employment opportunities and to name but a few.

To commence with, when city dwellers move to urban areas for work, then megalopolis become congested due to the increasing number of people driving their vehicles. Resultantly pollution also creates. It becomes hard for the people to live in that areas. Masses experienced certain health hazards such as asthma, cardiovascular diseases and so on. In addition, rustic areas remain undeveloped because people who make them a better living place move to cities. There will be wilderness all around. For instance, individuals move to cities for better amenities that they do not get in their rural areas, namely, healthcare facilities, good educational institutes and attractive transport. They hate to live in such places. Thus no development takes place.

On the other hand, this movement of people can be stopped by creating employment opportunities. This can be done by setting up small scale industries. To exemplify it, with the establishment of industries, more workforce will be needed. So, villagers will be able to get a job there. Other facilities will also develop, such as leisure parks, libraries, shopping complexes and to name but a few. Individuals can make their living without any difficulty. What’s more, loan schemes from governments is a great help for the villagers. They can run their own business and will move less to cities. In this way, people will try to make their living places worth seeing and these places can be centre of attraction for the visitors.

To conclude, thus, in consideration of the above analysis, it is ostensible that obstacles will emerge with the relocation of the people of rustic areas to cities. Pollution and congestion will lower the standard of living of people. To curb this problem establishing factories and providing other facilities are beneficial.

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