Recently Published Figures Show that The Wildlife Population Worldwide Has Decreased

Recently published figures show that the wildlife population worldwide has decreased by around fifty per cent over the last fifty years. What can we do to help protect wildlife around the world?

Technology dominates the importance of wildlife animals and the leads to so many issues that indirectly affect individuals. In many studies, they show that the number of wild animals is decreasing when compared to the past. We can protect our wildlife by various awareness programmes and also by reducing global warming.

Wildlife protection is one of our responsibilities. We can conserve by reducing global warming. Global warming has caused a drastic rise in temperature all over the world. It is mainly because of the amount of radiation reaching to earth. These all cause an impact on wildlife; they become endangered due to high temperatures and deforestation. Hence, we should conserve wildlife by planting trees and also by not hunting them.

In this generation, people only know about virtual animals because all wildlife species are endangered. For instance, in the 19th-century pigeons are play a vital role in everyone’s life because they act as messengers among people but now in the 20th centuries’ technology pressing the importance of wildlife. so we should protect our wildlife by decreasing the usage of vehicles as well as we can conserve them by reducing the radiations from cell towers.

In conclusion, around the world, we do help for the protection of wildlife by reducing the usage of vehicles and also cutting down the radiation from cell towers. Additionally, everyone should plant a tree at least once a month but do not cut down the is our responsibility to balance nature as well as wildlife

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