September 2023 To December 2023 Cue Cards With Answers

September 2023 To December 2023 Cue Cards With Answers: The IELTS Speaking Test is a challenge many face with anticipation and apprehension. Cue cards, in particular, are notorious for being unpredictable. Fear not; we bring you a structured roadmap to tackle them efficiently. By the end of this article, mastering IELTS speaking cue cards for September to December 2023 will be within your grasp.

Understanding the Essence of Cue Cards

Cue cards are a vital component of the IELTS Speaking Test Part 2. They’re designed to assess a candidate’s ability to talk about a topic spontaneously and coherently for about 1-2 minutes.

Topics Often Covered

  • Personal Experiences: Your first day at a job, a memorable trip, or a childhood friend.
  • Descriptive Topics: Describe a piece of art, a public place, or a historical figure.
  • Narrative Topics: A time you faced a challenge, a learning experience, or a surprising event.

Structuring Your Response: The STAR-L Approach

To keep your answer structured and concise, we recommend the STAR-L Approach:

  1. Situation: Set the scene and provide context.
  2. Task: Explain the job or challenge at hand.
  3. Action: Describe the action you took.
  4. Result: Talk about the consequences of your actions.
  5. Learning: Reflect on what you learned from the experience.

Expert Tips for Maximizing Your Score

Practice Regularly

Consistent practice helps in refining your skills. The more you practice, the better you formulate quick and coherent responses.

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Enhance Vocabulary and Fluency

Expanding your vocabulary and practising fluency can drastically improve your confidence and the quality of your responses.

September 2023 To December 2023 Cue Cards With Answers


1 Talk about a famous chef or cookbook author whom you admire
2 Describe your idea of a perfect home or dream house where you want to live
3 Describe a time when you talked to a foreign tourist who was visiting your country
4 Describe a piece of technology that you find challenging to use
5 Describe a course that you want to learn/study you would like to do in future
6 Describe a shop near where you live that you sometimes use
7 Describe a situation when you laughed at the wrong moment
8 Describe an unusual meal that you had
9 Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed
10 Describe a time when you got nervous while speaking in public
11 Describe a time when you lost your way
12 Describe an occasion when you spent time by yourself
13 Describe a Time When Your Entire Family Was Together
14 Describe a speech you gave
15 Describe a moment when you stepped out of your comfort zone
16 Describe Something that Surprised you and Made you Happy
17 Describe a piece of good news you heard from others
18 Describe a Problem You had while Shopping Online or in a Store
19 Describe a valuable item that you would like to give as a gift
20 Describe a Time You Made a Decision to Wait for Something
21 Describe a job that you think is interesting
22 Describe a character from a movie
23 Describe a Difficult Thing You Did and Succeeded
24 Describe a time when you had to lend something to a person you know
25 Describe someone you know who often helps others
26 Describe a historical period you would like to learn more about
27 Describe a movie that you recently saw, and that disappointed you
28 Describe the place of great scenic beauty that you recently visited
29 Describe a place you visited where the air was polluted
30 Describe an invention
31 Describe a person you met at a party and enjoyed a conversation with
32 Describe a daily routine that you enjoy
33 Describe a Time When You Needed to Search for Information
34 Describe a time when the internet did not solve your problem
35 Describe a time you went out with one or two friends and did an activity together
36 Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting
37 Describe a place in your city you would recommend to tourists
38 Describe a significant decision you made
39 Describe a time when you were late
40 Talk about something special that you would like to buy in the future
41 Describe an occasion when you got incorrect information
42 A happy memory from your childhood
43 Discuss a gift that surprised you
44 Describe the game you enjoyed playing when you were younger
45 Describe a time when you used your cell phone/Smartphone to do something important
46 Describe an area in your home where you feel relaxed
47 Describe when someone gave you something you wanted /a gift you received
48 Describe a Person You Know Who is From a Different Culture
49 Describe a place/country in which you would like to live/work for a short period
50 Describe an Object you Find Particularly Beautiful
51 Describe a time when you Received Money as a Gift
52 Describe something that you did with someone/a group of people
53 Talk about an online course you joined and liked
54 Describe an adventure you would like to go on
55 Talk about an interesting older adult you met recently
56 Describe your experience when you changed your school/college
57 Describe an occasion when you spent time with a young child
58 Describe a book you read to reduce your stress
59 Describe a Popular Person
60 Describe a road trip you would like to take in the future
61 Describe a new store/shop in your town/city
62 Describe an Important Thing you Learned, not at School or College
63 Describe a crowded place you have visited
64 Describe an advertisement that you don’t like
65 Updating Soon
66 Updating Soon


Mastering IELTS speaking cue cards requires preparation, practice, and presence of mind. With the insights shared in this article and the commitment to hone your skills, you’re well on your way to achieving the desired September to December 2023 score. Dive deep into the mentioned topics, embrace the STAR-L approach, and remember that consistency is vital.

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