Shoes & Forget things IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Shoes & Forget things IELTS Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Shoes & Forget things IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer.

Question 1:- How often do you buy shoes?

Answer – it’s rather rarely, madam, because I will always maintain a count for my chappals like 3 or 4 for different occasions and my shoes always have a lot of life expectancy. So I don’t buy shoes frequently.

Question 2:- Have you ever bought shoes online?

Answer – oh yes, definitely. Currently, I’m an online person. In the midst of pandemics, we all are sequestrating ourselves in the abode so, online platforms are worth trying out; and I recently bought one pair of shoes for my brother, and it was the appropriate size for his foot.

Question 3:- Do you know anyone who likes to buy a lot of shoes?

Answer – Indeed. That’s my brother, actually. I don’t know what he is doing with his shoes. His shoes won’t last more than three months. If nothing happens definitely my dog whiskey will bite his shoes…I don’t know why whiskey is particularly opting his shoes for biting. But my brother is one of the people who brought a lot of shoes within a year.

Question 4:- What’s your favourite type of shoes?

Answer – Well, I would say I don’t know many classifications of shoes. But last three years I have always been interested in buying shoes if these shoes us more suitable for my leg as my leg measurement is five do it’s very difficult for me to get appropriate size shoes and decathlon have my size Moreover it can be used for daily wear and also for the exercise as well. I know you can’t see, but still, I’m wearing decathlon shoes. It provides adequate warmth to the feet as well.

Question 5:- What kinds of things do you have to bring when you go out?

Answer – well, I’m always like to walk free rather than taking handbags and putting lots of staff. So I always prefer to use my gent’s wallet so I can keep my money and cards over the wallet and can out on my pockets moreover my vehicle keys and mobile phone. Well, now I think I should take bags that you know in the midst of pandemic we should always ensure to keep our hands sanitized and wear a these all kinds of stuff also will be added to my list.

Question 6:- Did you ever forget to bring something?

Answer – of course, I’m a very forgettable person..last year I left my entire wallet on the bus when I was moving to Chennai…The wallet includes my credit and debit cards, my Ashar card and 5000 rupees as cash. I never get that wallet back.

Question 7:- How do you remind yourself?

Answer – Well. after that incident I used to reduce the number of bags and put a phone list of things which I took. Now I’m more of a planner person…and I would like to plan as well everything before the journey.

Question 8:- Do you carry different things in the morning and in the evening?

Answer – No, absolutely not…I carry the same things in the morning and the evening. Actually, I won’t have enough time to go back home and refresh and change the pieces of stuff…I always carry the same things my wallet, vehicle key mask and sanitiser.

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