Some Believe that People Are Naturally Born as Leaders While Others Feel that Leadership Skills Can Develop

Some believe that people are naturally born as leaders while others feel that leadership skills can develop. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Some individuals think that the quality of leadership is inborn, while others believe that you can acquire leadership skills through practice. It is a debatable topic whether leadership skills can be developed or not. In my opinion, leadership skills come naturally. In the following essay, I will discuss both views.

Leadership is a quality that is very important to run any organisation. To become the leader in any kind of work is a matter of pride, but it is the task of responsibility as well. Leaders are the one who has a huge impact on our society; our youth learns from them. A person can become a leader or not; that depends on many factors, such as a person’s willingness to do something for the country or the organisation for which he or she works. For example, one of the best leaders is Narendra Modi, Prime minister of India, he wanted to do something for the country, and this desire comes naturally. He started his journey as a chaiwala, but his inborn nature to do something for society led him to work and become prime minister.

For becoming a leader person must be selfless and also have the ability to work under pressure, must be able to work as a team and also he/she needs to be smart in many ways. Leadership is not like games or any sport or dance likeability, which one can acquire with practice and hard work. For example, In cricket, Sachin Tendulkar was a stunning batsman but not a very successful leader.

So to conclude, Being a leader brings a lot of responsibility and in my opinion, this is not a skill which can be acquired. Leaders are naturally born.

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