Talk About a New Start-up in the Society Cue Card

Talk About a New Start-up in the Society Cue Card

  • What do you know about the start-ups?
  • What are the advantages?
  • What can be the potential disadvantages

Sample Answer of Talk About a New Start-up in the Society Cue Card

There are numerous start-ups that are starting in society, but I would like to discuss a new start-up started recently. The name of the start-up is we make a scholar. They are just 6 months. Started their business first in Hyderabad, later in my home town Vijayawada. Their job is to give loans to the students who are going to abroad for study purposes; Start-ups are the one which gives jobs to numerous number of people because in the initial days they need more workforce to handle the project, biggest advantage about a start-up they pay high salaries to the skilled workers. And they don’t put much pressure on employees. Some demerits are more than half of the start-ups fail in the world because of lack of vision. Eventually, it will lead to unemployment.

Follow-Ups Talk About a New Start-up in the Society Cue Card

Question 1 is market research important for export business?

Answer – Yes, without market research, the exporting of the business should not be done, because without knowing the present market trend, if they export anything, it will become a loss

Question 2 In Busines, Do companies need to be competitive?

Answer – Yes, they should be competitive while giving service to the customers. In terms of helping the nation projects and environmental projects, they should cooperate.

Question 3 What should be the Government’s role in how small businesses are run?

Answer – Government should provide some initial funding to run this small-scale business, and they should reduce taxes so that this market will rise and give employment to many people.

Question 4 how can Businesses benefit the community in which they are located?

Answer – Well, they improve the surrounding places by building roads and giving jobs to the local people. Recently a few months back an industry was started near my home, many people from the village got employed in it.

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