Some Feel that Schools Should Be Mixed with Both Girls and Boys

Some feel that schools should be mixed with both girls and boys attending while others feel the genders ought to be separated. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

People have different schools of thought regarding the schooling of the child. Few of them thinks that same-sex schooling is necessary, while others say that co-education should not be there. I will discuss both perspectives. I, however, support the former view.

To begin with, people who have the thought that students should be segregated on the basis of gender are actually concerned more about their child’s education, especially for academic purposes, because they think that the presence of the opposite gender will distract them from their studies. As we all know the puberty is the time when kids feel more attracted to the opposite gender, and they spend their crucial time more to impress someone rather than in their studies. For instance, studies in Europe states that children studying in single-sex schools outshine in studies rather than the students of co-education.

On the other hand, it cannot be denied that co-education is important for a child’s interpersonal skills. It is in school that a child learns about communication skills. Co-education makes a student more confident and less apprehensive. In addition to this, children learn to interact with each other without any hesitation. Without the opportunity to integrate socially with another gender, there is a strong chance they will have difficulty communicating later, and this may promote a lifelong habit of centring their social interactions on rigid gender groups.

In conclusion, mixed classrooms promote grooming of personality and better communication skills. I would like to reiterate that the disadvantages of co-education are minimal while the advantages are many.

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