Some People Prefer Activities and Lifestyles in Hot Climates While Others Prefer Living in Cold Climates

Some people prefer activities and lifestyles in hot climates while others prefer living in cold climates. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Weather plays an important role in determining our daily life routine. While many prefer warmer temperatures for various undertakings and their day to day living patterns, others like to do these things in a colder atmosphere. In this essay, I will discuss both points of view with relevant examples and tell what I think is the most suitable climate in my views.

To start with, generally, people are more outgoing and energized in the regions where temperatures are higher. For example, many prefer going to beaches on a sunny day so that they can enjoy the sun and have a few drinks and eat. Moreover, people from countries like Canada choose to travel to warmer countries during the harsh Canadian winters so that they can get away from the hassles created by extreme cold. In other words, some people prefer living in a warmer place because they are more comfortable and feel more motivated to perform various activities.

On the contrary, there are many who are of the opposite viewpoint, and they prefer lower temperatures for their lifestyle and different undertakings performed by them. One benefit of preferring this is there is very less pollution in the colder areas as fewer people choose to get into their vehicles unnecessarily and people can do many activities without having to worry about the harmful gases, and there are many entertainment undertakings that can only be enjoyed in winters. For instance skiing, people wait throughout the year for the snow to fall down so that they can go skiing moreover many travels from far away countries to the regions where it snows just so that they can enjoy their hobbies.

In my opinion, colder weather is the best option amongst the two, because of the many reasons stated earlier and also I tend to be more productive during the winters.

To summarize, choosing to live in a warm or cold climate depends on the lifestyles of a person and the various activities they wish to perform.

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