Popular Hobbies and Interests Change Over Time to Time and Are More a Reflection of Fashions

Popular hobbies and interests change over time to time and are more a reflection of fashions and trends than an indication of what people really want to do in their spare time. To what extent do you agree with this given statement?

Every individual has a different variety of hoppy interests in life. It has been observed that some hobbies changes according to the new TrendTrend come along. I therefore partly agree that people more to the up-to-date trends.

Firstly some people enjoy the same hobbies interest as did in their past time, for instance, the older generation in dress continue their hobbies for a quite long time example light Garden exercising reading books and so on remain until now consequently. Such activities become a part of their everyday routine in their life.

On the Contrary, Human beings choose to switch with the latest TrendTrend in styles. To illustrate the influence of interest and social networking, people simply replace it with the current TrendTrend. And moreover, it is more convenient and easily accessible when it is compared to the older generation. In the few decades, people have preferred to play indoor and outdoor games like mountain climbing playing chess board carrom as a hobby. On the other hand, a child developed a hobby of playing the piano collecting coins but now shifted to playing the video game as it is more conveniently available. Such changes in technology and Trends allow people to find it fascinating and adapt rapidly.

Although there are some people, Hobby does last long for fewer people and remain constant. However, on the other side people pick up popular trends enhance more.

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