Some People Prefer One-on-one Lessons

Some people prefer one-on-one lessons, while others like groups. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

People have divergent choices regarding choosing which class they want to join between individual class or group of students. Both ways have their own pros and cons. I will discuss both of these preferences in this essay.

Firstly, some people like personal class as they are able to give more concentration without any interruption of other students which boost the progress of the student. As well as they can ask as many queries as they want and get quickly and well explained answers. To cite an example, Into one class, there is no other student who can interrupt a person for any reason.

Furthermore, in a class of single students, the mentor can keep the focus on the student’s abilities and tell them about their strengths and weaknesses and give them lesson plans accordingly. This is not possible in a group session as there is a number of students in group sessions.

On the other hand, Some people like group classes. Because while doing study in group people enhance their knowledge. For instance, when other students raise their questions they get answers, as well as sometimes another student, discuss new innovations and researches in the class which help them to increase their knowledge. Moreover, people found group classes affordable as one-to-one classes teachers charge a hefty amount. Some people are not able to pay such an amount.

In conclusion, both of the classes have their own advantages. And learner should make their choice on the basis of their capability and preference. As for me, I prefer group classes, because I always like to interact with different kinds of people.

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