Describe Your Level of English

Describe Your Level of English

You should say

  • What is it?
  • How and when you started to learn English?
  • Are you satisfied with the current level?
  • What would you like to improve your current language ability?

Sample Answer of Describe Your Level of English

Well, my level of English is intermediatory because I have been studying English as a subject since my childhood. But in my school and home, no one speaks English; we all communicate in the local language. The reason why I learned English is it opens many job opportunities and enhances my knowledge. To be frank, for the past 2 months, I have been seriously practicing speaking and writing in English, and I have improved a lot; I’m satisfied with the level of language because it enables me to do well in my exams. Many people told me you are doing good, and another reason is I’m planning to go to Canada; English is a primary dialect in that country; I would try to practice more to improve my current level to an advanced level.

Follow-ups Describe Your Level of English

Question 1 Have You Learnt a Foreign Language Why?

Answer – Well, the Biggest Reason for Me to Learn a Foreign Dialect Is to Study Overseas; I Have Learnt It From Various Sources Such as the Internet and Books,

Question 2 Do You Want to Become an English Teacher in the Future? Why?

Answer – No, I Don’t Want to Become a Teacher in My Life, I Would Like to Become a Manager in a Company to Lead a More Number of Employees, and I Would Like to Start My Own Business, and Teaching Is Not My Cup of Tea.

Question 3 Why Do Some People Learn Fast While Others Are Slow?

Answer – Well, It Is All About Grasping; some People Grasp Early Whereas Others Takes Time to Learn; it Depends Upon the Topic if It Is an Interesting Topic. Then, Even Slow Learners Understand Quickly.

Question 4 Do You Think Grammar Is Important When You Learn the English Language? Why?

Answer – Yes, Grammar Is Paramount, Without Grammar, We Cannot Form a Sentence in English, Even to Speak and Write We Need Grammar, Not Only Learning English, Almost to Learn Every Dialect We Need to Learn the Required Grammar.

Question 5 Why Is There a Strong Demand for Language Skills?

Answer – Well, I Think Language Plays Major Role in Team Co-Operation. To Work on a Project, Everyone in the Team Communicate With Each Other, if They All Know a Common Language Namely English, Then It Is Easy to Work Without Any Problem

Question 6 What Kind of Quality Should a Language Teacher Have?

Answer – The Most Important Trait of a Language Teacher He Should Teach Children in a Different Way Even an Uninterested Student Should Learn That Particular Language With So Much Captivity, and He Should Correct the Mistakes That Students Usually Make in the Class.

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