Talk About a Law on Environmental Protection

Talk about a law on environmental protection You should say

  • what is it?
  • How you first learned about it?
  • who benefits from it?
  • And explain how you feel about this law

Laws and regulations are important for a nation to develop the overall economic growth to maintain the balance between society talk about a particular law is important and because of that have different alternative with its solution lawyers Ban of plastic 5 years ago government pan plastic due to its harmful effects actually plastic is non biodegradable as well as it is impossible almost impossible to plastic and it is harmful most of the people burn it when it got rest and there was too much plastic somewhere they burn it and that smoke actually have a respiratory system of human beings some and an animals like cows and buffaloes also eat plastic garbage which kill them but after when the Government of India Ban plastic tortoise also suggest to use handmade bags and as well as clothing bags to the different alternative but some where people of India don’t follow that rules the still use it even or companies using to pack there products but before 2 years ago Indian government against prohibited plastic due to its harmful effects and at some point people get knowledge bye social media as 10th it can harm human beings as well as animals after banning it. I would say it is helpful for the environment as well as for human beings and every individual have the responsibility to use handbags and clothing bags which will make our environment greener healthy and better.

Follow-Ups for Talk About a Law on Environmental Protection

Question 1:- Do you think this law is acceptable to the people?

At some point, I think 30% of people actually follow those rules but 70% of individual actually think about it and mostly use plastic because it is conveniently easy and light waiter but I would say which is not the option that’s actually not a right option to even they are lots of options other rather than plastic bags.

Question 2:- Is there any situation wherein people may disobey the law?

We talked about the usage of plastic used for the product at people actually break rules in that situation because when it is a pandemic situation and everywhere it is a knockdown and people don’t use too many clothes and don’t touch each other at that point situation where everybody just makes a distance and use plastic bags just use it and then throw it in a garbage.

Question 3:- Do people like being a forest officer in your country?

Of course, I love to watch cars whenever I sleep on a roof with my family I just look at them for 5 to 10 minutes and then go to sleep automatically.

Question 4:- What qualities should a forest officer process?

No, I don’t take a quote to know about stars but I watched a documentary on YouTube about Cosmos, and then I heard about that some can I get the information about stars from that video that how they made and how the light reflects earth.

Question 5:- Why some people prefer to be a lawyer?

From my perspective, I think it is not important to know about stars but information related to Cosmos speed is more important to know about what is outside the earth surface.

Question 6:- Should people be penalized when they throw plastic bottles in the hill stations?

As far as I can see it is important first to give them instruction and implement find boats and after that even if they do it deliberately this through the plastic on hill stations then they would be fine for them and even if they again do it then there should be a penalty to give them a jail sentence.

Question 7:- Do you think both men and women can be forest officers?

Absolutely I think both men and women you can be a forest officer there should be no discrimination between them but as well as the person who is the manager of the forest should give them depend on their physical strength point Womens are weak but they are more intelligent in strategies so I think the manager managing all the stuff that should have to give them a task and I think that it is important that both males and females work together which will increase the enforcement and the whole power of forest community as well with this motion I think it is great to have both men and women as a worker in a forest officer.

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