Some People Think No Need to Travel Because We Can See the World on The Internet

Some people think no need to travel because we can see the world on the internet. Others think that travel is most important. Give opinion and experience, examples.

Nowadays, people are keen to travel abroad; also the main reason is the trend and craze which is spreading and with the help of transportation they can save time. However, some people believe that there is no need to travel and save money because they can see everything on television. In this essay, I will talk about the positive and negative effects one can experience.

To begin with, for some people travelling is not just a hobby, but they want to travel to gain in-depth knowledge about that country and want to know about their culture and the language they speak. Besides, one can also feel the difference about their traditions and can have the real experience, how their food tastes different and can be mouth-watering. For example, one of my friends loves to travel to other countries, just to want to explore the place and can know about their traditions and values they prefer.

On the other hand, one prefers to stay at home to save money, and also thinks that learning about any country culture, and to look at the beautiful heritages can be done with just one click on the computer or switch on the TV. However, another reason can be they don’t have company or friends to go and enjoy the trip. They might be scared of travelling by aeroplane or by bus or train. For example, some people cannot travel to other countries just because they do not have a passport or enough money.

According to the aforementioned information, I believe that travelling and feeling the experience about that place can be totally different, rather than sitting at home and just watching the pictures of that place. One cannot also tell about how his experience might be in terms of good or bad.

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