You Have Discovered a Log of Rubbish in a Lake Near Where You Live

You have discovered a log of rubbish in a lake near where you live. In the past, the lake had always been clean. Write a letter to the local council. In the letter

  • Describe the type of rubbish that you saw in the lake.
  • Explain where you think the waste has come from.
  • Suggest what the council should do about the problem.

Dear sir or madam,

I am Vinoth, who is residing in the Mylapore area that comes under your council in the Chennai Corporation. I am writing this letter to express my discontent with the Nageshwara lake which is polluted with wastes. I hope that you will take the necessary steps on this.

Nageshwara lake in Mylapore is one of the famous lakes in Chennai with a century year history behind it. Besides, water from this lake had been used for many nearby temples for many years due to its purity. However, nowadays I see there are a lot of rubbish garbage from the industrial areas had been dumped in this lake for no reason. Moreover, it is impacted by food wastes from nearby restaurants. This transition in the lake affects the people who stay in its surroundings at large.

I would like to address this concern with you as this issue requires immediate resolution without further delay. In addition, I suggest you send a team for cleaning the whole lake at the earliest.

I am expecting a prompt response from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

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