Some People Think Personal Happiness Is Directly Related to Economic Success

Some people think personal happiness is directly related to economic success, while others believe this depends on other factors. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

It is argued by a few masses that pleasure is directly associated with economic prosperity. At the same time, others consider that other factors are also vital to attain cheerfulness. In my perspective, a feeling of glee not only depends on having plenty of wealth but also relies on having a supportive family. Job satisfaction and round health are equally important to determine a level of happiness.

First off, those who consider an individual’s cheerfulness is the result of having abundant wealth. To be specific, if a person has enormous money; then, he/she can buy anything with that money. To exemplify it, a person’s main three rudimentary requirements: food, clothing and shelter, can be fulfilled with enough money. He/she will not need the mercy of others. If they have an adequate amount of money, then they can lead a prosperous life by enjoying all other modern amenities. Thus, plenty of money brings a lot of joy to a person.

On the other hand, some consider that other factors such as supportive family, job contentment and also round health, make a person happy. To elaborate, happiness cannot be bought with money. It is an internal feeling that is directly linked to the state of mind. For instance, it has been observed that even the rich do not remain satiated and get a victim of depression. Having every facility at home, they remain unsuccessful in keeping themselves contended. Therefore, it is a feeling that people get while living with their family. Every member shares his/her experiences and resolves their problems together. Even though they do not have a luxurious lifestyle, but in the company of each other, they remain ready to face difficulties. Besides, job satisfaction also brings a smile to a person’s face and make his/her day. Having been working at a low wage, people feel satisfied and improve the productivity of the company’s bottom line. It has been noticed that a firm spends a lot of money on its employees to keep them contended. If a person is happy and satisfied, then the success of a company is inevitable.

To conclude, thus, in consideration of the above analysis, it is ostensible that individual happiness is not associated with collecting materialistic things and enjoying modern amenities. Instead, it depends on job satisfaction, caring family. Persons feel happier and satisfied, and even though they are not affluent. They get cheeriness internally, not with money.

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