Some People Think That the Government Should Strictly Control

Some people think that the government should strictly control freshwater supply, as the resources are limited, while others think we can use as much water as we want. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

The quantity of natural resources is decreasing as people are using them regardless. Some people argue that it is indispensable for high authorities to control freshwater usage for civilians, while another claim that it should be free for the masses to use as much water as they want. It seems to me that although it is a right of every human to use water wisely so upcoming generations can also get benefits from it.

It is undeniable that freshwater usage is burgeoning with time; however, it is vital for human needs; most people utilize it thoughtlessly, such as daily car wash, and forget to close water taps. At some point, it might be possible that after many decades, these rich natural resources become decreased over time and disappear, which may create a detrimental situation for every living being in the world. For example, in 1989, a countryside near Tokyo in japan had faced a water supply problem, which almost made circumstances impossible for the civilians to live in that town. As if the government applies rules on water usage, it perhaps gives folks the message of which quantity they have to use it: precisely.

On the contrary, it is true that everyone has a right to use water as they have to, so there should be no rule for it. Although it is necessary for everyone as if people face any shortage in water supply, maybe they try to buy it illegally. For instance, in the capital of Rajasthan, in 2018, because of the shortage of water-rich, people sell water containers unauthorized, and nearby communities also purchased them.

In conclusion, even though freshwater is an inevitable resource for every human being, I believe there should be some legislation by authorities to utilize freshwater.

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