Some People Think that Air Travel Should Be Reduced to Protect the Environment.

Some people think that air travel should be reduced to protect the environment. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

It is often thought by some people that there should be a limitation to travel by air in order to preserve the environment. In my opinion, while I agree that reducing air travel can help protect the environment, I would argue that there are other effective ways to curb environmental challenges.

Admittedly, limiting air travel can help protect the environment from global warming. This is because planes use fuel for transportation and produce a lot of hydrocarbon emissions; these emissions become trapped in the heat, thereby causing extreme weather conditions affecting humans and the environment. In Netherland, for instance, a recent survey shows that stringent laws placed on air transport in the year 2014 reduced travel by air and people opted for other means of transportation.

However, there are other effective ways other than reducing travel by air. First, Adopting the recycling of polythenes and plastics with the use of eco-friendly products helps to limit the spread of rubbish and garbage, thereby protecting the environment. When people are properly sensitized to the need for recycling, people adopt the practices; hence the environment is preserved. Furthermore, the introduction of a green tax on industries that uses large machinery which produces fumes and hydrocarbon emissions would help sustain the environment. This is because industries would take caution on the use of fuel and also preferably use energy from solar, wind, water and nuclear sources. For example, In Kuwait, a recent study conducted by a well-known research institute shows that there is a drastic reduction in the use of hydrocarbon by manufacturing companies due to the high tax placed on emissions. Hence the environment is preserved.

In conclusion, although reducing travel by air can help in protecting the environment to some extent, I believe recycling and payment of green tax by industries would affect a more positive outcome on the protection of the environment.

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