Talk about a place where you have to relax (not Home)

Talk about a place where you have to relax (not home). You should say:

  • What the place is
  • How often do you go there
  • What you do there
  • Why do you feel relaxed in this

Sample Answer of Talk about a place where you have to relax (not Home)

I’m currently working in Mumbai, and I stay along with my friends in dormitories. there are rules to follow about in and out, so it’s very difficult to make out a time to go out and relax, but when I am at my home I usually go out once or twice a week to my cousin’s house, Which is 1 km away from my home

there is a war cemetery and a park near to my cousin house; we often go there to just take a photo or Chit Chat and enjoy the Vibes surrounding the place where we go.

It is a beautiful place with green and different types of flowers blooming there moreover there are a few Big Trees growing which gives us more shades and fresh air to relax.


Follow-Ups of Talk about a place where you have to relax (not Home)

Question 1:- how can companies provide their employees with an opportunity to relax.

Answer:- A company should open free communication to the employee, offer mental and physical health benefits, pay time off and encourage employees to take breaks.

Question 2: what are some examples of ways that people use to relax?

Answer:- People used to relax by listening to music and taking naps or going out and getting fresh air from outside. In my view, people use different ways to relax for me being with a loved one is the most relaxing.

Question 3:- Do people nowadays have more ways to relax than in the past.

Answer:- I think people nowadays suffer from an inability to be relaxed earlier two-three decades people were less Addicted to an electronic device, they got free time and spent more time with Love ones. But now the internet has taken everything away we are always obsessed with the useless activities from the social networking sites, and the invention of computers smartphone transforms too busy life.

Question 4: What do young people do in their free time

Answer:- young people have a different view of a point Many enjoy spending their free time doing things like being going to parties, being with friends socially and watching movies, going to Beach and so on

Question 5: how do students relax?

Answer:- Students often relax by listening to music with meditating exercise, cycling—my brother of a go for cycling and Hiking as a part of relaxation.

Question 6:- Is the environment important for people to get relaxed?

Answer:- Yes, the environment is very important; however natural environment allows people to reduce stress. For instance, the scenery of nature can reduce anger, fear and stress and increase pleasant feelings to our mind and body.

Question 7: what do people in your country do in their free time?

Most of the people in my country have spent time together with their families watching movies and TV together moreover usually use the extra time together with a quantity meal.

Question 8: In general, who do you think has more leisure time, men or women?

Answer:- In my view, men have more leisure than women. men spend more hours than women playing games, watching TV, exercising, gathering in social events and on the other hand woman spend time more on housework and childcare

Question 9: Do you think that people today have more leisure time than people in the past?

Answer:- I think today life has more time to do things than that past did not have time to do. The reason we have more leisure time today is because of the improvement in technology, and it has continued to make life easier today.

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