Talk About a Thing That You Recently Bought and Felt Happy About It

Talk about a thing that you recently bought and felt happy about it or Describe a thing you bought, and you are happy about.

You should say

  • Explain why you bought it?
  • Why you selected this product?
  • From where you purchased it?
  • And explain why you are so happy about it?

I just bought last year one new mobile for me because for the last few years I was using the used phones of others because I am unable to purchase my new mobile but when but after a long savings of my salary. I have saved the amount that I want to purchase the new home amount of the mobile that I want to purchase through the last years in June I want to the Purchase of phone of about 30000 rupees that is Oneplus but I am not able to manage to purchase that mobile per call it is very expensive to purchase so I decided that I decided that I will purchase phone receive it costs around 20,000. So I decided to purchase Redmi Note 8 Pro and others and purchased it in the first week of June, and it was for me. I will purchase from one of the famous mobile shops near to my phone. They have a good excellent discount on the mobiles, around 1000 rupees, so I am pleased today. I thought I finally got my new mobile. It has all the new features of the future features and latest applications installed in the mobile. I feel really very happy and proud that I have rescued the goals I have set to purchase a mobile and finally cause my mobile. It was just a few days before my birthday, so this is considered, and I consider this a birthday gift from my parents so this is very special for me and I will take care of my mobiles and use it in a very systematic manner.

Follow-Ups Talk about a thing that you recently bought and felt happy about it or Describe a thing you bought, and you are happy about.

Question1. Did you tell anyone after buying it?

Answer – I told my parents that I want to buy a determined using mobile because they are overweight and what I am losing my mobile is not affecting my work. Also, there are very many problems with my old mobile. Hence, I need to buy my new mobile any off so they should contact a student aware about of the situation. They give me some amount of money. I have to save some money from my salary, so finally, I would buy my new mobile, and I am still pleased with that moment.

Question2. What are your thoughts about the trend that people buy new things instead of repairing old ones?

Answer – On this, I have a mixed opinion on both things. I first talked about buying a new product, and you are currently using it for a long time. Of time that for example you are used for 10 years then I suppose I suppose that you should buy that new product instead of going instead of requiring that product because the life of the product is already have gone so I saw so, in my opinion, you should go with the new product and if we talk about the repairing the old ones so if you have purchased the product. You have used it for two to three months or 2-3 years then you should definitely use to use to repair the reduced old repair of things instead of buying the new ones and instead of buying the costly product because by repairing the old, old ones you will have to spend a huge amount of money instead of staying expensive rates on purchasing the new product.

Question3.  What is the product which is consumed most in your country? Why?

Answer – In my opinion in my country most of the product consumed and integrity is a mobile tell because nowadays that terrible latest technology of mobile phones available in the market in each field new mobile launch in the market and people are very caught very energetic and buying such new mobile, so they are very fond of Sachin new mobile Technologies that are coming in the country. Hence, they buy this product sell to buy this product frequently. People do not hesitate to spend the use amount on mobile phones because they love to spend on the latest technologies and latest technologies of the mobile phones and application they are providing.

Question4.  Is increasing consumerism a good trend?

Answer – Definitely, consumerism should increase awareness for a country because if the product of the company will increase the sale. It will definitely benefit to the economy of our country so we should expect we will, we will give it a few more emphasis on the commercialism consumerism the product because it will be helpful to the country and our economy and also to the gives great profit to the company and to the people who are promoting this groups and providing the services to the consumers.

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