Talk About a Time When Someone/something That Annoyed You

Talk about a time when someone/something that annoyed you

  • What is was
  • Where it happens
  • What he/she said that annoyed you
  • And Explain why it annoyed you

Sample Answer of Talk about a time when someone/something that annoyed you

We all are humans, and we all make mistakes. Sometimes we did minor as well as major mistakes. The only difference is how we react to the current situation some time we get angry n some time we take it easy. I remember one incident which happened to me five years ago.

I never forgot that day because on this day I bought my brand new car which is from Honda amaze. My joys have no boundaries as I show my car to my relatives and friends. But to my dismay, I met with an accident with a rickshaw puller. He was around 40 years old man .who loaded some kind of heavy material on it. On top of it, it was the time of summer, and I parked my car in the parking, and suddenly he came there with his rickshaw, and somehow he fainted and hit his rickshaw in my car.

As this was the first day of my car and within some hours my car got scratched badly. I felt angry, and I started yelling at him that what he had done to my car. I felt very depressed. But when I saw the rickshaw puller, he was almost fainted out. Then I calmed myself down and offered him some water and told him to relax. He started apologizing to me. I told him to be careful next time, and he went away.

My whole happiness ruin in just a couple of minutes. I went back home and explained the whole incident to my family. At that time, I was still very angry, but I was unable to do anything. This was the incident when I was feeling irritated.

Follow-Ups of Talk about a time when someone/something that annoyed you

Question 1:- how do you react when you have to face a difficult situation?

Answer:- I always try to stay calm in bad situations. Because whenever I have to face a difficult situation, I do not get stressed and angry as in stress sometimes I took the bad decision which is not bearable sometimes.

Question 2:- why do people nowadays lose their temper at once when they face any difficult situation?

Answer:- First of all, people do not have patience. Moreover, they take more stress about their work n family life. Nowadays, people sometimes react to minor things because of mental pressure.

Question 3:- What are some solutions to decrease high temper among people in this modern era?

Answer:- There are ample things available to lose a high temper like they can join some yoga camp or they can do walk on a daily basis as well as they should spend some time with their family n friends who give relaxation to their mind.

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