Talk About a Time when You Were Really Close to A Wild Animal

Talk about a time when you were really close to a wild animal

  • What it looked like,
  • Where you saw it,
  • What it likes to eat or do,
  • Why do you like it

Sample Answer of Talk About a Time when You Were Really Close to A Wild Animal

Animals are one of the most ravishing creations of nature in the world. They are desperate in their natural habitat and lifestyles. Here I would like to talk about a time when I was extremely close to the wild animal. Actually, when I was studying in 10th standard, my school had organised Trip to Kanha zoo, which is a national park and prominent for the huge Tiger population. The forest is one of the largest forests.

Besides this, we were a group of twenty students who had signed up for this tour, and the principal had booked a room in the hotel, which was just a stone throw away from the forest. The next morning we got up early and got ready to go in the forest the 20 of us went in 5 jeeps .what is more for the first hour we saw monkeys, giraffe and chimpanzees. They were really drop-dead gorgeous. However, we spotted no Tiger.

The guide in our Jeep was glimpsing pug marking of any Tiger. Unfortunately, he had not spotted any tiger, and we merely had permission to spend about 45 more minutes in the forest. Just when we gave up, all of a sudden we heard some monkey shouting and in frighten they were jumping from one branch to another branch.

As we seemed here and there fearfully, suddenly we saw one tiger standing in front of our Jeep. When we saw him, we all left speechless. I was feeling a deep sense of fear; nevertheless, our guide took the Jeep back, and we got a sigh of relief. All in all, I would love to experience such a thing again, and I also want to see this forest with my family as soon as possible.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Time when You Were Really Close to A Wild Animal

Question 1:- Besides the animal you just spoke about, what other wild animals are there in your country (or, around where you live)?

Answer:- well, there are many wild animals in my country, for instance, tigers, giraffes, monkeys, chimpanzees and many more. There are thousands of species of distinct animals, but I know about a few of them.

Question 2:- In general, how do people in your country feel about wild animals?

Answer:- To be totally upfront, in their eyes, animals play a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance on the earth. The food chain also works in the right way if they stay on the earth. Most of the animals are dangerous for us, but if they will extinct, then people will confront the big problem.

Question 3:- In general, what is the attitude of people in your country towards wild animals?

Answer:- well, different individuals have different attitudes; some always think about the importance of animals and do work for their conservation. However, others like to harass them by hunting and even using their skin for making drugs and medicines.

Question 4:- Do you like (all) wild animals? (Why?/Why not?)

Answer:- Of course, they are really crucial for us and especially it makes our surroundings beautiful, without them, we can face humongous issues. For instance, the sparrow, which was an exquisite bird that has been extinct from the world, usually acts as an alarm for people in the morning. But now people rely too much on electric watches.

Question 5:- In general, do you think people like wild animals?

Answer:- Well, according to me, a handful of people adore them, and they are nature lovers. They also get afraid of their extinction. On the opposite, other people hunt them, which is a miserable thing for us.

Question 6:- Are there any wild animals that you dislike? Why?

Answer:- Actually, no, All animals have some different lifestyle which attracts me a lot. I like all of them, but they look beautiful in pictures, and if they come in front of me, I will be left speechless, similarly to when the tiger came in front of me.

Question 7:- What about lions and tigers, do you like them?

Answer:- Honestly, not because they look so dangerous and does not leave their food in any circumstances. They can kill anyone in a blink of an eye. Even when I saw him, I felt fearful, and I have listened that when they are hungry, then they can eat their own child also; this is terrific.

Question 8:- In your country, are people’s attitudes towards wild animals today the same as people’s attitudes in the past?

Answer:- I don’t think so because inhabitants in the previous time liked to hunt and eat them; this was their main source of food, by which they did their survival. But now there is a mixed attitude some cherish to eat them while others do conservation of them.

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