Many Believe that It Is Important to Protect All Wild Animals

Many believe that it is important to protect all wild animals, while others think that it is important to protect some, not all of them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It has been a matter of debate in which most parts of society feel that we should conserve all of the forest animals, not all of them, while others contradict this statement. This essay will dive into both the facets and lead to a logical conclusion.

On the one end, people want to protect the wild animals. The first and foremost reason is they protect biological diversity, which gives us food, paper, and so on. The second reason is that they continue the food cycle, and if one of the animals dies, then it will disturb the cycle. Last but not least, it preserves cultural diversity.

On the other end, we must not kill some of the animals in the reserve as they are dangerous. Some of the animals are too deadly as they are not mentally stable. Moreover, due to the illness of animals, they may keep harming animals as well as domestic animals and human beings, so it is safe to kill them.

In conclusion, I feel that government should take some initiatives to take care of unstable animals or keep them in the protective shelter and take care of them. The reason behind this is they we have no right to kill them. Additionally, they must keep in the protective border as they should harm human beings and household animals.

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