Talk About an Indoor Game that You Liked to Play when You Were a Child

Talk about an indoor game that you liked to play when you were a child, You should say:

  • what the game was?
  • where do you play it?
  • who played this game with you?
  • explain why you enjoyed playing this game?

Well, childhood is a golden period in everyone’s life. In my childhood, I used to play indoor as well as outdoor games. But my fascination was more to play indoor games. It would be interesting to say that I used to play carrom board, ludo and with my remote car. I played it with my bosom friend, Raman. We had similar tastes and used to play in the evening.

I enjoyed this game after doing my school homework. Through this game, I also participated in a carrom board competition in my school, and I got first prize in this game. My parents were very happy that I utilized my time in an effective way. They encouraged me more to pursue such kinds of leisure activities in my free time as I learned time management and discipline.

Thus, it was the time when I enjoyed playing this game with my friend, and still, I play carrom board when I get bored and feel fresh. I also suggested to others to pursue their childhood activities to remove monotony and rejuvenate themselves. Childhood activities remind us about our childhood and nostalgic feelings for such activities.

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