Many People Join Distance-Learning Programmes (study Material, Post, Tv, Internet) and Study at Home

Many people join distance-learning programmes (study material, post, TV, Internet) and study at home, but some people think that it cannot bring the same benefit as attending colleges or universities does.

Most individuals enrol in online learning systems and do that at the comfort of their homes. However, some people opine that going to the classroom for lessons are more advantageous than e-learning. This essay will address the reason why I support online education.

First is that online education allows for continuity of education without setbacks. For instance, during a covid-19 pandemic when all institutions were shut down, those on e-learning platforms continued with their studies because their notes, lectures and assignments were being delivered by the tutors through the internet, and students easily accessed it and submitted it online too. Secondly is that internet study reduces inconvenience encountered on a daily basis while attending lectures. For instance, road traffic accidents and bullying at school reduced drastically during the pandemic when schools were closed, reports the police public relation officer attached to the University of Nigeria Nsukka because students who are victims of these are no longer seen on the road or at school.

Although attending physical classes is crucial for those in certain departments in order to carry out their practicum, however, online classes save time and energy. For example, one does not need to wake up early, hurry to the bathroom and sometimes skip meals in order to meet up with a scheduled date class; instead, one sits in the comfort of one’s room, log in and attend lectures.

In conclusion, it is apparent that e-learning ensures continuity of education, reduces danger and saves time; however, it has its set back of some faculties finding it difficult to carry out their practicals, but I am of the opinion that online education should be encouraged because the advantage outweighs the drawback.

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