The Governments Should Give Each Citizen a Basic Income so That They Have Enough Money to Live On

The governments should give each citizen a basic income so that they have enough money to live on, even if they are unemployed. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Universal basic income has essential for all countryman to survive their life smoothly. Higher Authorities should provide this kind of benefit to their residents, whether they are an employee or unemployed. Although this approach would be beneficial for citizens, it may be negative impacts on the economy.

To begin with, universal basic income is a blessing for every person who is unemployed and homeless. Furthermore, it will provide stress less life and reduce the rate of crime. For example, in Somali, the Somalian government do not provide any kind of financial benefits and other facilities for backup and comfortable life to their residents; hence, the rate of crimes are increasing, and economic development has decreased. Consequently, they all are below the poverty line. Due to this reason, Supreme Power should provide backup like, financially help to their people like backup support. In addition, for an employed person this extra amount of money as an investment for them and they invest to other businesses to earning money for their better future. Likewise, for an unemployed person, this bailout money fulfils their basic need as well as helps a lot in an emergency, such as health care treatment. In addition, it has a rising their life of standard and gives an opportunity to live a self-dependent life.

On the other hand, although financial help gives lots of benefits for people, it also has some negative repercussions. For example, people would not be encouraged to themself find jobs and spend effortless life; moreover, the rate of unemployed will be rise, and the economic level may not be improved. Consequently, universal basic income should not be supported on the long-term level.

In conclusion, although the financial scheme has some drawbacks, it is logical because it gives a plethora of opportunities and gives the chance to rise from the poverty line.

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