Crime and Other Kinds of Information on Tv and Newspapers

Crime and other kinds of information on TV and newspapers have bad consequences. This kind of information should be restricted to be shown in the media. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?

Crime and various information on TV and newspaper have adverse impacts on society in general and young teenagers in particular. Therefore, those contents should be limited to the media. In my opinion, I agree that crime and information related to violence, which should not be displayed in the media, is detrimental to the young since it affects their future development and mental health.

Crime appearing on TV and in newspapers affects children’s future development significantly. This is simply because many film productions and publishers convey the contents of criminals in an uncontrollable way, which may have far-reaching consequences. For example, several criminal series on the Internet highlight criminals’ acts, such as how they escape the police or how they plan their robbery, rather than underscore the achievements of criminal investigators. Although this way of producing makes their films and series more distinctive in the market to boost sales, this will be considered misleading information for some teenagers and the promotion of juvenile crime.

Furthermore, violent content also takes a heavy toll on the young’s mental health. It is undoubtedly true that many action films these days are more aggressive and violent thanks to technical assistance. It means that those films comprise several skilled and impressive fights and sound effects. Consequently, compulsive exposure to violent acts in the media will bring some mental health issues for adolescents, including desensitisation, bullying, and depression.

Therefore, I believe that if governments implemented stricter legislation, there would be fewer children suffering from those aforementioned problems. As a result, those restrictions could possibly boost the living standard for all citizens.

In conclusion, I completely agree that crime and violence will bring negative effects to adolescents, and those contents should be banned to improve the quality of people’s lives.

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