Natural Beauty Such as Lakes, Beaches, and Mountains Are Being Surrounded by Garbage

Natural beauty such as lakes, beaches, and mountains are being surrounded by Garbage (rubbish) left by people. What are the causes for this? What solutions do you suggest?

The geographical elements such as rivers, lakes, mountains, beaches are the beauty of nature. Due to the irresponsible behavior of human beings, such as illegal dumping in natural habitats, beauty is ruined. This essay will examine the main causes of disposal of waste near natural bodies and possible solutions to these problems.

There are a plethora of causes that affect the site due to thrashing garbage. One of the causes is waste dumped by humans especially, at tourist places; exploitation of the environment has a bad impact on nature. as well as affects the national tour of the country. Secondly, the dumping or littering near the water bodies will accidentally contaminate the water. Specifically, waste of plastic will suffocate, indigestion, and entangle the marine species, and die due to starvation of the stomach due to plastic debris—for instance, Juhu beach, which is one of the well-known beaches in Mumbai. Trashing tonnes of onshore waste results in a threat to the ecosystem and also hampers tourism.

However, there are various steps the government, as well as the common citizen, should take. Firstly, the people to make sure that waste is thrown in the dustbin. If not followed, strict action must be taken. Secondly, the government should form a community that will regularly take care of cleanliness on the natural sites. Finally, the rules should be made so that no waste should flow into the water and affect the marine animals.

In conclusion, the natural environment will continue to faced problems unless the rules and regulations are followed regularly.

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