The Limited Budgets of Governments, Especially Those in Developing Countries. Writing Task 2

The limited budgets of governments, especially those in developing countries, are better spent on health and education than on employment-generating projects. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Some people think that in developing countries, limited budgets of governments should be spent on health and education instead of employment-generating projects. I completely agree with this statement that this is the best way to develop any country if education and health are being taken care of.

Firstly, spending some budget on health will save the lives of people, which will enhance the development of the country. Because if people are good in health then only they will be performing their duties actively and with interest. If we talk about the current situation during the pandemic situation in Corona, many lives have been lost because of the fewer facilities of hospitals in India, and the government was not able to do anything for the people. For example, many people died due to the blackness of oxygen, and the common people were not able to save their loved ones because of the high rates of oxygen. If the government could spend some money on people, then many lives could be saved.

Secondly, education is an essential tool in today’s era and plays an important role in leading any country. Education makes people aware and more intelligent. If education is spent on some part of the government funds, no one will be illiterate. If citizens are well educated, it will lead the country towards success. The government is spending more on employment-generating projects, Which is not going to help the citizens because if they are not educated nicely, then how can they work on these projects, which seem useless. For instance, during the lockdown, all the educational institutions were closed, and no action was taken by the government to provide education to the children. Nearly 50% of children were attending online classes to study, but other students were not able to benefit from online classes as they were not having mobile phones or net facilities. If the government could provide phones to the poor people, then there was not going to be a great loss of study. And the education system was not going to disturb badly.

In conclusion, the government should spend limited budgets on health and education rather than on employment-generating projects. I strongly agree with the statement because it will help the country to grow more intelligently.

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