The Pie Chart Below Shows the Percentage of Five Kinds of Books Sold by a Bookseller Between 1972 and 2012

The pie chart below shows the percentage of five kinds of books sold by a bookseller between 1972 and 2012. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and making comparisons where relevant.

The pie chart below show the percentage of five kinds of books sold by a bookseller between 1972 and 2012.

The three diagrams demonstrate the proportion of preferred book types of people from three different years; 1972, 1992 and 2012. Further, these preferences are divided into five categories, namely, Others, Adult Fiction, Children Fiction, Biography and Travel. The general trend shows that the changes in the years 1972 and 1992 were not as drastic as they were in 2012.

Firstly, the ‘Others’ and Biography category had witnessed a continuous downfall in comparison to the 1972 figures, others category had a market share of a quarter of the total books sold in 1972 which fell by one-fifth in the year 1992, and it further plunged to just 12% in 2012, which is more than 50% dip from where it started. It was similar in the case of biography books as well, from 20% in 1972 it fell to 15% (one-forth decrease) in 1992, and by the end, biography books share consisted of only 8%.

Now coming to the categories that grew during these years were, Adult fiction and Children Fiction, the former one grew by 5% in 1992, and then it saw a humungous growth of 20% from the 1992 figure and the latter one did not grow that much, from 20% in 1972 it went up by 2% and 3% in the years 1992 and 2012, respectively.

Finally, the sales of travel-related books increased from 15% in 1972 to 18% in 1992 and dipped to 10% in the year 2012.

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