Today Family Members Eat Fewer Meals Together. Writing Task 2

Today family members eat fewer meals together. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative trend?

Nowadays, owing to the busy schedule for the inhabitants, spending quality time with family is going to extinct. Besides, the family members are not having their scrumptious meals together. Consequently, this is a negative trend towards present culture as well as for future generations. In this essay, I depict in detail the negative trends along with illustrations.

Firstly, all the family members are commute to work, and they don’t have sufficient time to spend. To demonstrate, the inhabitants are working round the clock without any breaks. To cite a pertinent illustration, the head of the family has to take care of the get-together or have some outings with their near ones. Nevertheless, these are not happening because of their busy schedules. However, eating with family at least during dinner time together sharing their whole day work can make strong relations.

On the other hand, if the members of the family are not able to meet, then the head of the family has to guide them for their behaviour. Owing to this, most elder people share their time with their grandchildren while having lunch or dinner or even breakfast. To do this, the relations can even get more robust but not fragile. For instance, during weekends cooking together with families can boost their emotions as well as they forget their stress works.

To conclude, after deliberating all the possible aspects, it is ostensible that spending time with their near ones while having small meals can alleviate predominant emotions between them.

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