You Share a Parking Area with Several Neighbours and Have Recently Started Having Problems

You share a parking area with several neighbours and have recently started having problems. Write a letter to be copied to all neighbours that share the parking area. In that letter:

  • Explain the problems
  • Suggest ways to help the situation
  • Propose a meeting

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to inform you about current issues I have been facing these days in our parking area. The problem started about two weeks ago when I was in a hurry to attend a conference, and I realized that a car was parked just next to mine in such a way that I could not get my car out. It took me twenty minutes to find out the owner of that peculiar car and request him to move his car so that I could avoid further delay. The same incident happened tomorrow with my flatmate, which made the situation worsen.

I would like to suggest some possible solutions to the problem. Firstly, if we can hire a guard to assist us in parking, then we can get rid of this trouble. Secondly, we can number the slots according to our apartments to avoid any confusion regarding owners. In my opinion, this issue should be raised in front of society’s president.

Would it be possible for you to join us on the table talk with the chairperson on coming Saturday? I consider we all share the same problem, so we should unite to get the required solution.

I hope you will respond in a positive manner. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

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