Your Child Is Going Away on A School Trip for Three Days to Another Country

Your child is going away on a school trip for three days to another country. The headteacher wants some parents to join the trip and would like to go. Write a letter to the headteacher. In your letter:

  • Say why you would like to go
  • Suggest what you could do to help during the trip
  • Ask some more questions about the trip

Dear Head Teacher,

This letter of mine is in reference to the three days school trip to another country. As per the request, if you still have vacant space, I would love to join and help you with whatever I can. It will be a wonderful addition to my list of organizing trips.

Initially, thank you for providing an opportunity for the parents to tag along on a school trip. I have organized several trips for my office, and I do have some experience in the area; I may be helpful to you for organizing stuff with you. Personally, my both kids are willing to enter this trip list, and it would be great if I could come along with them.

I can help you with the visa and application services and the air ticket bookings if necessary. I was also just wondering if we have some specific dates or the hotel in mind. I can also look around our place of stay to find interesting and must-visit locations. Please let me know what you have in mind, and I will be more than happy to provide my services when I can. 

Waiting to hear from you. Thanks

Yours sincerely


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