You Stayed at Your Friends’ House when You Participated in A Business Seminar in Australia

You stayed at your friends’ house when you participated in a business seminar in Australia. You left a file with important documents in your room.

  • Write a letter to your friend,
  • Describing the file
  • And ask him/her to return it to you by post

Dear Sonu,

How are you hoping you are fine and good? I am writing this letter regarding the file left in your room.

During my stay with you for a business seminar in Australia, I left my file inside shelve in your room. The file contains many important documents of mine. The file includes many important documents from birth; it includes my birth certificate, sslc certificate,12 certificates and my experience certificate also. The file is brown in colour with a name on top of the file.

Request you to please make necessary arrangements to post or courier my file as soon as possible as I am joining to a new company on the very next month so kindly please posts my file at the earliest.

Best regards

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