Describe a Dinner You Really Enjoyed

Describe a dinner you really enjoyed. You should say:

  • When was it?
  • What did you eat?
  • Who were you with?
  • And explain why you enjoyed it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Dinner You Really Enjoyed

Well, many times I had been invited by my near and dear ones over lunch and sometimes over dinner; but, last time when I had been invited by one of my friends, who had been to England and she invited my husband and me over dinner at the weekend. When we visited her home, I was astonished to see great preparation for the dinner.

I thought they might have been preparing fast food, but I was taken aback to see the traditional food in great variety. Cornbread and mustard leaf was served to us, and it was delicious. Moreover, I liked the dessert, which was served after the meal. It was rice pudding. It was garnished with raisins, and saffron was poured over it, made it more luscious.

I really enjoyed it and had never eaten before such kind of rice pudding. Besides, we talked over many things. I really admired her mother’s culinary skills, who made all this food with her own hands and without taking the assistance of anybody. I must say her mother should exhibit her culinary skill in competitions because such kind of talent is really needed. So that was the time when I tasted delicious dinner.

Follow-Ups Describe a Dinner You Really Enjoyed

Question 1:- Why do people like to have special food on special occasions?

Answer – Well, people like to have a portion of special food on special occasions because they have waited a lot for those occasions and they don’t make special food in their regular routine. So they get a chance to make these foods on special occasions because it needs more effort to prepare food and due to scarcity of time. They are unable to make this food in their routine.

Question 2:- What is the difference between eating at home and eating out on special occasions?

Answer – Well, people have different choices regarding eating food. Some people like to have food at home while some like to make it memorable by eating out so that they can remember the day when they went outside for lunch or dinner. Those who think that they must prepare food at home and eat it because they are more concerned about hygienic conditions and they can’t eat savory flavor of food while on the other hand people get fed up with their regular routine, so they consider to eat out is a good option.

Question 3:- What national identity can be seen in a nation’s cuisine?

Answer – Well, different cultures have different food habits. Sometimes food is the same, but the preparation is different, and that is unique. So by tasting the food, one can easily identify the culture and tradition of that particular region. I think food is the identity of a person by which people can know about other’s customs and traditions.

Question 4:- Why do global leaders like to gather around for dinner?

Answer – Well, global leaders like to get together over dinner in an informal way so that they can discuss various issues as well as its good way to have interaction with other political leaders home they are unable to heaven connection, so they feel very happy to have dinner with each other.

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