Describe a Family Member that Did Something that Made You Feel Proud

Describe a family member that did something that made you feel proud; You should say

  • When did it happen?
  • Who is this person?
  • What did the person do?
  • And explain why you felt proud of him/her.

Sample Answer of Describe a Family Member that Did Something that Made You Feel Proud

well, first of all, thank you for this lovely cue card. You know family play a vital role in someone’s development. Everyone is affected by their family, and that is why it is often said that our first tutors are our parents. I am blessed with kind-hearted parents who love to do Charity. They are often engaging with social work, and today I would like to narrate an incident of one such event. A couple of months ago, when my family members discussed the poor children. They told orphans children have no money, which they spend on money. So my begetter decided that they donate money to charity office who pay money on these youngsters education. After 1-2 days, we all went to the office of charity. There we Discussed all the topics… The manager also said that they also need the money because, in this cutting edge era, everything is too expensive. My father decided that they give money every six months. All the children who live there and the office head were very thankful to us. Moreover, they also said that they need such an adorable family who helps in this era. Since money is the need of the hour. All in all, that was when I felt proud of my father. With the help of a handful of children, they fulfil their dreams.

Follow-ups of Describe a Family Member that Did Something that Made You Feel Proud

Question 1:- When would parents feel proud of their children?

Answer- generally speaking, the chief way is that when their youngsters get good marks in their study and hold the first position. Moreover, the blessed time is when their toddlers fulfil their parent’s dreams as well as follow the moral values given by their begetter.

Question 2:- Should parents reward children? Why and how?

Answer- To my mind, yes, they have to do this. With this, children’s confidence rises up, and they also learn to do good activities which feel proud to their family members. Apart from this award also encourage the children to do their best and good behaviour towards other.

Question 3:- Is it good to reward children too often? Why?

Answer- I have mixed views on that. The first-hand side, these types of activities encourage the children to become good people. On the flip side, if awards give frequently, then a toddler’s enthusiasm may fall down. So I this it is 50-50.however Price given once in a blue moon.

Question 4:- On what occasions would adults be proud of themselves?

Answer- People who are proud of themselves tend to have a great passion for life, feel content and grateful and are excellent at motivating others. The special time like when they see their dreams gonna true as well as their younger children are well settled.

Question 5:- What can children do to make their parents proud?

Answer- As I said earlier, there are many occasions such as getting good marks in their study, fulfilling their parent’s dreams and respecting their parents. To explain further, when the child copies their parent’s good habits, that time begetter feels proud of them.

Question 6:- What did you do to make your parents proud when you were young?

Answer- Honestly speaking, like another juvenile, I’m not much intelligent, but I always hold the 4th Or 5th position. That is enough for my family. Apart from this, I always learnt good habits which feel my mother and father proud. I always tried that I never disappointed my family.

Question 7:- What characteristics of yours make you proud?

Answer- to be honest, the predominant thing is that I believe in serious relations, which I learned from my family. Adding fuel to the fire, I always think before they speak. Because sometimes we misuse the words so this is very important. The modern generation loses this skill. Last but not least, I’m a humble and straight full person. Therefore these are some things which raised me.

Question 8:- When was the last time that you felt proud of yourself?

Answer- I vividly remember it was the month of January. When I went to market. There I saw a beggar who had nothing to eat and he begging people that they give them, but everyone avoided him. I felt sorrowful. So I decided to buy some fruits for him. When I gave them the food and some money, he was glad and gave me a blessing. That was the time when I felt proud.

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