Some People Believe that To Reduce Industrial Pollution a Tax Should Be Imposed on Companies

Some people believe that to reduce industrial pollution a tax should be imposed on companies, while others believe that different measures should be taken to solve the problem. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, every nation is struggling to control the different forms of pollution like air pollution, noise pollution and waste which is detrimental to mankind and nature. Some believe that government should impose tax policy on firms, while others suggest different measures should take hold of to tackle this problem. With the following cavalcade of Ideas, I am firm in my views that sitting on the fence is a wise option to perfectly handle this problem.

Coming to why authorities should introduce new laws and regulations on the companies that contribute to industrial pollution. First and foremost is that the new strict laws imposed on firms then companies Limited their use of harmful chemicals and raw materials, which they are using free and disposed of them inland sites and waterways. Because sometimes, Innocent animals sometimes die when they consume these dispose. Secondly, excessive fossil fuel usage in industrial operations releases toxic exhaust gases which mix in the open air, and people inhale these gases, resultantly many severe respiratory problems appear in humans as well. As these gases also contribute to the global warming effect, when these gases make a layer of insulation, the planet gets warmer. So, our glaciers are melting so rapidly does the government should impose new laws and policies to tackle these issues, which will help to solve the pollution problem instantly.

On the other hand, there are some other measures to reduce the pollution in the environment. Ministry should allot the separate land to companies to dispose of their waste out of the reach of humans and innocent animals. Ministry should provide subsidized types of equipment like solar panel’s solar machinery, which are eco-friendly types of equipment that do not emit carbon emissions into the environment.

After analyzing the above points, I believe both ways will be helpful in tackling this problem more efficiently. Authorities should impose the taxes alongside should give support to industries in the form of special Grant and types of equipment to maintain employment and productivity.

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