Describe a Rule You Did Not Like in School

Describe a rule you did not like in school; You should say:-

  • what it was?
  • how do others think about this rule?
  • have you ever violated this rule?
  • and explain why you did not like this rule?

Sample Answer of Describe a Rule You Did Not Like in School

Thank You for the cue card. I am going to talk about the topic of the rule I didn’t like in school. Well, I always respect the rules that have been implemented by the schools and colleges because they want all the student’s needs to maintain good discipline and uniformity. But, one rule that really made me frustrated is knotting and tying the hair up because my hair is short, and that doesn’t look good on my face because of this reason once, there was an argument happened between my principal and me, and he asked me to get my parents. Even my parents were frustrated with the rule.

Follow-ups of Describe a Rule You Did Not Like in School

Question 1:- Should schools have rules?

Answer:- feel that schools should have rules for students to maintain discipline and manners, but rules should provoke or insult the children.

Question 2:- Should schools decide how the working hours should be?

Answer:- Yes, I feel the school curriculum had made by management people, and they have an idea how much time it takes to complete the syllabus and other parts. so working hours are decided by the school

Question 3:- What kinds of rules do Indian families have?

Answer:- It depends on each family that they keep the rules. For example, in my family, there are two rules that we have to follow that is everyone has to wake up by 6:00 am in the morning, and another one is that all together should have dinner at night.

Question 4:- Do you think strict rules are needed in schools?

Answer:- I feel that strict rules are not needed because it really puts more stress on the students, and they are not willing to go to schools that are not quite good.

Question 5:- Should students be involved in rulemaking?

Answer:- Yes, students have to involve in rulemaking because they only know what need and not needed and observe everything in the school and thus, if they can come up with good ideas to implement new rules, it is really beneficial to the management.

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