Describe an Interesting Conversation You Had with Your Friend

Describe an interesting conversation you had with your friend; You should say:

  • Who did you speak with?
  • Where were you?
  • What was the conversation about?
  • And explain why you think it was interesting?

Sample Answer of  Describe an Interesting Conversation You Had with Your Friend

Well, I think they are many people who have a conversation with their friends or close family. Some people have a deep conversation with each other, and others talk superficially. I would like to talk about the interesting conversation which I had with my close friend. Frankly speaking, I’m an introverted person, and I do not have many friends, but recently I made a new friend, her name is Ankita. Similarly, I met her in college for the first time. From then on, she became my best friend, and we talked a lot about everything. I feel like she understands me better than anyone else. Yesterday night I was feeling very lonely, and I was overthinking about my life. Therefore, I called her and shared my thoughts. We talked with each other for an hour about our future plans and what was happening in our personal life. Also, she shared every problem that she had been facing till now. I thought that our mentality matched each other, and we were very compatible. From my perspective, I think I had an interesting conversation with her because we could easily understand each other’s feelings without any shyness or awkwardness. Therefore I have loved talking to her since then. We always talk with each other whenever we feel bad or depressed.

Follow-ups of Describe an Interesting Conversation You Had with Your Friend

Question 1:- How do friends communicate with each other?

Answer- Well, I think friends communicate with each other through the Internet. Similarly, they use various social media platforms to talk to each other such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc. But having said that, some people love to talk to each other face to face while meeting in a school, college, park restaurant, etc. Also, others like to talk to each other on a phone call. For me, I like face timing my friends. Therefore, I believe there are different mediums to communicate with each other.

Question 2:- Why is body language important?

Answer- Obviously, body language is very crucial while having communication. It is because body language helps to find out whether the opponent is interested in talking or not. Similarly, it also identifies the vibe of the person. Therefore body language also depicts the impression of the next person. Hence proper body language is very significant while communicating.

Question 3:- What’s the difference between having a conversation with a man and having a conversation with a woman?

Answer- Well, I feel like there is various difference between having a conversation with a man and a woman. I feel like a man talks about the latest technologies whereas women talk about their life in general. Similarly, I also believe that men do not like to share much while women share almost everything.

Question 4:- Do you think women like to chat more than men?

Answer- Yes, as I said previously that women love chatting more than men. But having said that, it also depends upon the personality of the person. There are some introverted women who do not like to chat more. Also, there are some extroverted men who are very friendly and talk most of the time.

Question 5:- When men chat with other men, do they usually talk about the same things that women do when they chat with other women?

Answer- Well, I do not think this is the case. Talking to anybody about anything depends from person to person. I mean that people talk with each other based on certain circumstances. This is the reason why I think they do not talk about similar things.

Question 6:- What is the difference between chatting and gossiping?

Answer- Chatting is having a normal conversation about each other’s life, whereas gossiping means backbiting in the third person. I feel like gossiping about others is a negative thing to do. Therefore I like chatting more than gossiping.

Question 7:- Who do you prefer chatting with – your parents or your friends?

Answer- Well, frankly speaking, I prefer chatting with my friends more than with my parents because I suppose my close friends can understand my thoughts and emotions rather than my parents. One reason for this is that my friends are also in a similar situation before. So they can guide me properly. But having said that, sometimes I share my feelings with my parents as well.

Question 8:- Do most people have just a small number of friends or many friends?

Answer- Well, it depends upon your likeness and personality. If you are an introvert, then you tend to have a small group of friends, whereas if you are an extrovert, then you may have a huge group óf friends.

Question 9:- How do most people make new friends in your country?

Answer- Yes, I think most of the people in my country make new friends because they love communicating with each other. Also, they are very friendly. As a result, they make lots of friends through the Internet.

Question 10:- What qualities do you think a good friend should have?

Answer- Well, I think a good friend should be understanding and helpful. They should be there for each other in every situation of life, such as both happy and sad moments. Similarly, a good friends should motivate each other to move forward in life.

Question 11:- Are there any disadvantages of face-to-face conversation?

Answer- I do not think there are any disadvantages to having face to face conversations. As far as I am concerned, I always like to have face to face conversations on important topics. It is because we can easily see their expressions and also they can speak their heart out.

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