Describe a Time when You Gave Advice to Someone

Describe a time when you gave advice to someone

  • Who you gave advice to,
  • What the advice was,
  • Why you give the advice,
  • how do you feel about the advice?

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You Gave Advice to Someone

Some people love to get advice, and some other hates to get advice. One day, my mother, my father, and my younger sibling was travelling in our car to a place. On our way, we stopped the car to buy some eatable. And we started our journey again. My younger sister, who is very smart and cute, asked me to get something for her to eat from the bought ones. I got her a lays. And I turned to my door side, and I was enjoying my side views. Meanwhile, I started to hear a crunchy sound around. I am a person who can’t stand such sounds when we eat or have something. I turned and looked at her, but she never stopped it. It was so unbearable for me. So I told her not to do like that, and I advised her that when we eat, we should do with our mouth shut and not to make such noises that would irritate the people around us. After I told them this, she accepted my advice, and she started to eat normally, which made me so happy.

Follow-ups of Describe a Time when You Gave Advice to Someone

Question 1:- Giving and receiving advice is common in your country?

Answer:- Yes, it is very common to get advice from our parents and grandparents, especially when you are the younger child.

Question 2:-Who usually gives you advice?

Answer:- I think my mother is the one who has given me a bunch of advice. Because mothers have a major role in parenting.

Question 3:-What kind of advice do parents give to their children?

Answer:- If it is a boy, parents will advise making a good future. If it is a girl, they will advise regarding self-care, future etc.

Question 4:-How do experts give advice to others? (e.g a doctor gives advice to patients)

Answer:  Experts give advice for our good. So it is important to listen to them.

Question 5:-What advice do parents give to teenagers about making friends?

Answer:- I would say Making friends is a good thing. But friends who lead you to bad ways should be avoided, and we need to be with good ones to follow their paths.

Question 6:-Whose advice is more helpful? Parents’ or friends’?

Answer:- In my view, parents are the best. Because leave us at one point in our life. But parents still will be there with us. So it is important to listen to parents advice.

Question 7:-Should children make decisions on their own?

Answer:- No, children always need help until they do it there on their own. Like that it is important for their parents to make decisions for them until they reach a point. Because they are not able to find what is good or what is bad for them.

Question 8:-How should parents help their children make decisions?

Answer:- I would say parents should involve in their decision making roles in order to support them to tell them the merits or demerits of something, for that parents should maintain a flexible relationship with children.

Question 9:-Do parents in your country take decisions for their children?

Answer:- Yeah. At a certain point in life, parents in our country take the decision for children .because children do not know the world so much as their parents.

Question 10:-Do you think it is advisable to listen to others’ advice when making decisions?

Answer:- In my opinion, I would say yes because I am a person who asks others opinions also when I make a decision so that we can know about what we don’t know .so that it is easy for me to make the decisions more strong.

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