Describe a Time When Your Computer Broke Down

Describe a Time When Your Computer Broke Down; You should say

  • When was it?
  • What were you doing?
  • What do you do about it?
  • And how did you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Time When Your Computer Broke Down

It was one situation when I was working from home and doing the job work on my laptop. Still, suddenly my laptop screen gets off while I was doing my writing mails important to the client, but that situation was very critical for me because I need to write the emails at that point is really important. So I was in a dilemma that’s what I should do, and I was and that at that situation so I couldn’t take the laptop to repair center because of the pandemic due shops closed. So I decided to consult the technical IT person of my company, and I talked to him and described the problem that happens to my laptop. He told me few steps to do, and after doing sexual after doing that’s my laptop gets to start again, so at that time I feel pleased that I let my laptop gets started and end at the first moment I write about the life that without the mail and sent to the client. The situation that I came across was tough. Still, I handle it in a very calm way, so I feel really very good and proud of myself that I have done my work on time even though I face some difficulty is in difficulties in my laptop so I would thanks to the technology it person that it has me a lot in resolving the problem of my laptop.

Follow-ups Describe a Time When Your Computer Broke Down

Question 1 What do people use computers for?

Answer 1:- There are a lot of uses of computers but most of the time in my opinion of the people to use computers for the following according to the emails into the Client or to the colleagues and also some of the teenagers people like to play the games which require high graphics cards and they really different games like a cricket ball and they feel like they are playing in they are playing near me in the game, and also we can use to listen to the music was movies in the laptop by with the help of by putting the CD in disk drive in the laptop and watch the movies, and you can also serve the importance in which you want to know your by using internet access to the laptop facilities, and you can also read the different types of different varieties of books that are available in the online and there are lots of many a lot of benefits of using the laptop so one can use based on their requirements.

Question 2 Should students be allowed to use computers at school?

Answer 2:- It’s very Interesting questions well, in my opinion, it should not allow computers in the school because at this stage of life because students first need to understand the usage and importance of using this high tech gadget so in my opinion, should not be used a computer in schools but on the other hand, nowadays the schools are in a very fashionable way, and they are providing the students the facilities with the laptops by charging the more school fees annually compared to other schools. So by using the computers students can and visualize the real concepts of the subjects what they are studying during that during the subjects so on the other and so we can say that it’s the individuals choice that in which type of school they want to study and to spend a huge amount of the money so it’s individual choice of parents that in which school they want to send them to send the children for teaching.

Question 3 What do you think of people who are addicted to computers?

Answer 3:- The situation is like that most people have very little to the computers because most of the time people spend their time on the computers by doing the job of all two for studying and laptop online and his friends are becoming images issues in the in a society one can do that while do with the particular person is related to the computers. You should find some alternative other than the computers in doing the doing some work, for example, he wants to study he wants to read the book for study some material then he should take a print out of that material from the. That we have sore from the hard copyable to understand and learn instead of using the laptop or computer course because it if P is for if a person is daily walking on the computers and its effect to the eyes of the people and it will also have the equal speed, you will not be able to understand but later. Of life, it would not be great for a nice first to affect your eyes, and it is harmful to your health. Many other health issues will also be there if you speak in front of the computer and don’t lose out and do other activities.

Question 4 Do you think computers make our life simpler or more complex?

Answer 4 :- Yes, computer would help it to make our life simple or Complex but in my opinion that it would have mixed views that if the computers make our life easy and fast growing and on other and it also begin complex so I talk about the computer snakes our life easier because his record interested click it and Purchase a product online and video with no need to go outside and spend which time is travelling and then coming back to home during the summer Seasons so one can easily by the things online with the help of laptop and watch movies while on the other hand while working on the computers sometimes effect health and leads health problems like obesity and also it effects to the eye of the human being because rays generated from the laptop is not good it would be so it is very difficult so that makes the computer with complex for us and sometimes some things which are age restricted want to see in the laptop will also be very bad for the teenagers or children who are using the laptops so if my opinion one should use the laptop and computers with based on its requirement and not expensive dog and ever access using of computers and laptops in on daily basis.

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