Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t Like the Music Played

Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t Like the Music Played

You should say

  • What was the event?
  • Where were you?
  • What was music like?
  • And explain why you didn’t like the music?

Sample Answer of Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t Like the Music Played.

There are a lot of family events and locations in which most of the people try to make themselves more pleasurable just to listen music so they can even connect with themselves and can enjoy that particular ceremony or a birthday party but today I want to talk about a particular occasion when I was in 9th standard I went to my uncles and marriage anniversary in Chandigarh with my sister and my mother the overall decoration was absolutely great but that the evening time and their lot of people who are over age and when I try to make some friends most of the people are unknown

but overall food and celebration was going very well but when I really isn’t a music it was repeated that the first annoying thing for me in secondly I can’t match it with myself as I am in a old music because of the lyrics are also in other languages because my uncle was from Odisha so that language and people who are listening are old and from there listening love which they want that particular music is repeating all the time but when I find it there would be a new generation people also are you doing as I am to change it but they didn’t ask even ones that what we need and what it table for us but after that when I tried to ask my uncle that if he help us we can even listen a new modern music and on dance so he helped me

but because of the time after 10 p.m. There is a regulation in Chandigarh at that nobody can too much loudly she was over for all things are also as expected in this celebrations was good but when it comes to a piece of music that particular once is not as I want to expect it in a particular event because that’s on Sunday and Monday is a day when everybody tries to make themselves more comfortable. Still, just because the songs are playing and I will interpret them with my brain CEO at some point, it is very dull and boring. That was an event in which I listen to music annoying, and I don’t like it.

Follow-ups Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t Like the Music Played.

Question 1 Why do so many young people spend a lot of money on concerts?

Answer – As far as I can concern that most of the people who are young in their youngest mostly on a concert just because they want to make themselves more interactive with the person who they like and want to listen to it in a real environment because if someone is listening alone there is a totally changeable movement and when a person is listening with thousands of people then the enthusiasm and the loudness make them happier and they can feel more because of these things and think is spend more money on concerts

Question 2 Do you think older people like the same music as young people?

Answer – I don’t think so as I think older people love the music in that time in which they were born and being young and even because of that music they can connect and Imagine what’s the time was in the past, and the lyrics are also connected with their time so they can easily integrate them as well in their lives because of now most of the people have an English and Bollywood music love but on the other love Sanskrit and their own language songs

Question 3 Do you think music concerts are suitable for older adults to attend?

Answer – Absolutely not. I would say this because of the reason that in the concert there too much loudness which can be harmful to older people and most of the people majority of them jump hard link and their physically active but on the other hand if I talk about older people they are not as physically attentive and powerful so just because of too much proudness they would beat injury and a some we also have a lot of viruses nowadays like covid-19 this because of that it is not recommended I think that they have they can attend. They also have to attend it, and at some point, it would not be a good idea to go to a concert just because they may be there for more good music at their home with their loved ones.

Question 4 Why do shopping malls often have background music?

Answer – I presume that because it is a strategy to make people more attractive to their malls and even they can both spend time doing on shopping and spending money with because the background music is related to a people’s mentality because once they listened to it, they can connect with each other just because of that they will do more shopping which definitely helped only malls and people who own it that the first thing and second thing would be to player show their customers just because doing shopping is now a day is a leisure activity so if they are doing so it would be like more beneficial for them because they will be calmer and think and they also can even connect with that music and spend more time on a particular Mall and purchase things the list I want which also benefit not only customers but also that particular Mall organization as well

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