Describe an Interesting Neighbor You Like Most

Describe an Interesting Neighbor you like most

  • Who this person is,
  • How you know this person,
  • What this person likes to do,
  • Why do you think this neighbor is interesting

Sample Answer  of Describe an Interesting Neighbor You Like Most

I live in aryamithra apartments, and it is a gated community. Each floor has four flats. Among these four families, there is one person with whom I spend a lot of time. Her name is Mythra, and she is 30 years old. She is a mother of 2 kids and a homemaker. I got to know about her on the day of our housewarming.

We ran out of gas, and she instantly helped us out. She is a sweetheart to the whole apartment. I got to know from others that she will be available anytime if you need any help. She is a fun-loving person and what makes her more interesting is she can mimic almost all Indian heroes voices.

Follow ups Describe an Interesting Neighbor You Like Most

Question 1. Do you think neighbours’ are important?

Answer – Yes, of course. It is important to have people around who can help you. In fact, last week, my uncle got a heart stroke, and his neighbour helped him as he is living alone.

Question 2:- What are the qualities of a good neighbour?

Answer – In my opinion, I would say caring, helping nature. These qualities make them good people and help in creating a serene environment to live in.

Question 3:- Do most Indian people know their neighbours?

Answer – That is a very good question, streets in India will be occupied by neighbours playing games together during holidays. That is the kind of bond that people maintain. Even I spent most of my childhood in my friends home next door.

Question 4:- Now that most people watch a lot of TV’s, how do you think this has affected people’s relationships with their neighbours’?

Answer – As I said earlier, neighbour’s used to be like families spending quality time together. But now with the advancement of technologies like watching TV people prefer to stay alone.

Question 5:- How should (or how can) modern people communicate with their neighbours?

Answer – Nowadays, we have community clubs and meetings held were at least once a week, and we get to meet each other, share opinions.

Question 6:- What are some of the qualities of a good community?

Answer – Well, being of a community depends on how unity among the people in the society is maintained. For example, our apartment has a president who is very kind and responsible; he will be taking care of all the problems that we face. Moreover, we share each other’s loads.

Question 7:- Do you think it’s important to teach children how to have good relations with neighbours?

Answer – I believe yes, it is important to teach kids how to behave and give respect to elders as well as be friendly with other children. This helps them to learn good principles in life.

Question 8:- What is the best kind of neighbour for a child to have?

Answer – I would say, a neighbour who can play with them, make them feel comfortable and of course if the neighbour has kids then it is finding a golden egg.

Question 9:- How do people of the neighbourhood become friends?

Answer – Interactions can be done via society clubs, cultural events held in societies. People will get to know each other during this time.

Question 10:- What are some of the reasons why it’s not always easy to make new friends?

Answer – That’s a tough question, and some individuals are afraid of initiating a conversation. We do not want new chaos or messiness that other individuals might bring to our lives.

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