Describe Someone You Know Who Is a Good Cook

Describe someone you know who is a good cook

You should say:

  • who this person is
  • how you know him or her
  • what kinds of food he/she cooks

Sample Answer of Describe someone you know who is a good cook

Cooking is hard that everyone tries to make themselves more comfortable and relaxed while doing it at asali as sometimes helpful for a person to cook new dishes and I knew kind of food that they can learn from YouTube and also that would be more beneficial for them to enhance their taste in different varieties of food I want to talk about a particular person who actually is a good cook and also give me some clips according to it I want to talk about my friend when I was in 9th standard I just try to make myself more comfortable to visit his house whenever

I feel depressed he also helped me a lot in many things but the main thing I love about himself is that he is a good cook even now and want to be a chef lot of different kind of dishes of Chinese and some Vietnam and even their dishes of Arab countries which actually can be very tasty he also had cooked it at home while watching YouTube videos and learn how to make it money also called me when he could make something like icecream new cake for that some delicious food that we can even share with our families and eat in a day-night on a day he called me and also a different kind of variety he know that even a person cannot think of and a recipe of every dish

he actually member is in his mind and whenever he tried to make something new is just 2 experiment on it, and this can be easily assumed by myself that after a few years will be a great chef in a restaurant luxurious restaurant and it will be more beneficial for him at any way also inspired me and recommend me to learn some small dishes which can be easily prepared in few time because I don’t know too much how to cook it, but he told me that it would be more beneficial for me

if I learn only 10 to 15 dishes that I can easily create for exam per our favorite is here also told me that in a few months back that there was a dish name Chinese momos he made on his own home after exams and he also called me, and we tested, and that actually can be se delicious one that I ever ate my life after that I told him that he had a good opportunity in his future to be a great chef and that his dreams will be fulfilled and all in all I would say because just because of his recommendations and help I can even now create for 10 to 15 degrees, and I also thank him in many a lot of ways because he helped me and even know many kind of dishes such as Chinese Italian pizza and different kind of food

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Question 1 What are the prospects of building a career as a cook in your country?

Answer – In my country being a cook is very good. A there is a total a great occupation in many places such as there is a place in near to my house where most of the people go and eat Italian pizza and different kinds of museums so I would say from my perspective as I see in my country there is a good future in it would be more beneficial for a person who wants to be more socialize because everyone loves to eat using hand if someone or at someplace they tried and love it it has to be recommended also recommended other to eat there so I would say. Even in my country people are foodie a person who wants to be a cook.

Question 2 What special dishes do you want to taste? Why?

Answer –  I want to taste the Chinese food because I never tried it too much are amongst my friend give me a street office birthday and also he told me about different kinds of reasons for Chinese, but I never tried it just because of hectic life but if I get a chance to eat Chinese food I will definitely I did and because I just want to make myself more tasteful and even it would be more beneficial for me to a different culture and about the food people eat in

Question 3 What traditional food would you like your foreign friends to try?

Answer –  I would say there is a traditional food of offer Tamilnadu named dosa is it have a variety of the dosa almost 3214 type of dosa are in Tamilnadu and in whole India most of the people love it just it also be made in only India and now the popularity of that size increasing so even if they would be any foreigner come to India I definitely recommend him to eat dosa with curry and coke.

Question 4 How often do Indian people cook at home?

Answer – most of the Indians cooked food at their home, but occasionally they eat outside the home they eat cultural food, for example, rice and wheat bread roti and some pulses but after all when they actually get a chance and get bored from the home food they try to try to eat some different kind of questions outside the home on occasions but on regular basis food at home and cook as well

Question 5 There are more restaurants nowadays. Do you think people eat out more?

Answer – Absolutely just because there are new kinds of restaurants and everybody wants to try new things and never try it to just because places like restaurants and hotels have a people visit there. They cry every Tuesday related to that particular country, for example, if there is an Italian restaurant. There is a Chinese restaurant people visit there regularly to try every food Inn menu.

Question 6 Do schools have cooking classes in your country?

Answer – I don’t think so, India. In India, there are cooking classes in a class for school because there’s a lot of pressure on children; they already have 4 to 6 subject shows is mostly a state there are additional curriculum activities and language courses. Still, there is no cooking course in a school which can be helpful if they will help children, but I would say there is no school right now who teach children how to make and cook food at home and different kind of variety as well.

Question 7 Do you think we should teach children how to cook?

Answer – Absolutely I would say cooking is a good and beneficial skill attacking people actually they also do it for their relaxation and try to make different kind of change but at the same time if it would be helpful for children because it is they’re going somewhere out from their house and go somewhere else they have to cook on their own and by doing a shocking they actually can easily cook and different varieties and which kind of secret sex addict people using the other countries they can easily learn it by the help of Government and Soul they provide that education definitely and not only it would be helpful for them but for also it influences others to cook on their own

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