Economic Growth Has Helped Many Become Richer

In recent times, economic growth has helped many become richer, both in developed and developing countries. However, those in developed countries are not as happy as they were in the past. Why is this? What can be learned from this?

In today’s advanced time, many individuals are becoming wealthy because of economic development. At the same time, some of them, especially in developed countries, do not have as much satisfaction in life as in the past. This essay discusses the reasons and what is to be learned by this.

To begin with, a major cause for this hassle is that people spend more time working. To explain it, in wealthy nations majority of individuals work 40-50 hours a week, whereas, in the past, the time for work was just approximately 30 hours per week. Another reason is that people are getting technologically addicted and spend less time with their peers and families; this type of lifestyle leads to mental as well as health problems. For example, in 2010, some studies by the world health organization concluded that 74% of masses had problems related to mental health, such as depression, stress, and anxiety, because they just devoted merely 1-2 hours to social interaction. Hence, the tendency of fewer face-to-face meetings is reduced in developed nations.

Further moving towards the way it gives an idea about it and to tackle as well, involvement of both governments and non-profitable organization may help in a better way to assist people with their life in which they feel more enthusiastic. In other words, through advertisement, live classes diverse types of social programs, telling everyone about the indispensable merits of socialization in their local community may help to alleviate several individuals who are facing this type of difficulty in their life. For instance, in 2015, Tokyo high-authorities start more than 1000 programs in every organization, where people work more than 40 hours, tell them about the overall phenomenon and the effect on physiology if they do not make regular human interaction and do not give a certain amount of time with their friends and relatives.

In conclusion, Although the increasing economy made people rich, they give less time to interact with other people, generating many mental problems. However, the government can help people through different methods.

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