Describe Someone You Really Like to Spend Time With

Describe someone you really like to spend time with

  • Who this person is?
  • How do you know him/her?
  • What do you usually do together?
  • And explain why you like to spend time with him/her?

Sample Answer of Describe Someone You Really Like to Spend Time With

Everyone in this world has a special person by him; they share all types of thoughts. The thoughts may be positive or negative. They are sharing thoughts causing the mind relief. It also devotes harmony and humanism. The thoughts sharing with someone special works as a stress bluster.

My buddy with which I share each and everything is my boyfriend. He is my intimate. He is my good friend, love crush any prince charm. He takes care of me and shares all types of feelings, maybe emotional, loving, sad, happy and so on. He is my stress buster. After sharing my feelings with him, my sadness was released. He also gave me good notions that were more beneficial for me.

At my college gala, I first time saw him. He was a moody and attitude boy. He and his friends were passing comments on girls. They also taught my friends and me, but I am also an attitude guy. I also answered them in their tone. With time our friends became opponents of each other. We both groups animosity each other in all fields as in study games or parties.

With time, our foe changes into friendship. Our friendship became popular in the whole college. Friendship became more powerful, which turned to love.

On my last birthday, he arranges a surprise party for me and purposes me. That moment is so more enthusiastic for me. We spend the whole time alone with each other and make beautiful memories with each other. I really like to spend time with him. His time is so precious for me. When I am with him, I forget about all around. He is more conscious of me. He took care of my health, food and all necessities of life. I love him very much; without him, my life cannot be considered.

Follow-ups of Describe Someone You Really Like to Spend Time With

Question 1:- How many generations usually live together in your country?

Answer:- Pakistan is a social country. Their people prefer to live together with their holders. Mostly, two generations are lived together. All children prefer to live with their parents having great love and care for them. Parents are the blessing of God; they are the source of pleasure for their children.

Question 2:- Is it important to visit family members?

Answer:- Family members are the stress bluster, and they help economically, socially and emotionally. They are the core value for me and form ethnic values.

Question 3:- What are the values of family in your country?

Answer:- Families in my country are more kindhearted. They have empathy and kindness toward others. Families are lived in harmony and have motivation for others. They motivate their children to become a good person in society.

Question 4:- Why is family bonding necessary for happiness in life?

Answer:- Man is the social animal. Without his family, they not survive happily. Family is the strongest support of a person to facing harsh conditions of society. Family bonding makes the happier person in society. Bond should always be strong, and unity makes them solid.

Question 5:- Do you think the support from a friend is different from the support from a family member?

Answer:- Support from companions and family is similar because both are our welfare. They support us economically, socially and emotionally. They help to make us frim and solid. Both make our life paradise and happier. They are a source of fun and enjoyment.

Question 6:- What kinds of people are easy to get along with?

Answer:- I am a jolly guy people like to spend time with me. People became friends easily because I am a soft nature guy. Mostly people like to talk and enjoy my best time with me.

Question 7:- How do leaders get along with their subordinates?

Answer:- Leaders are strict personalities; they are modes that people follow blindly. But, leaders should be kindhearted to their subordinates. They should treat them fairly and kindly. But they should have some rules to be followed fairly.

Question 8:- Do people have time for themselves nowadays?

Answer:- This is the modern era, people spend their whole time at work, and in leisure time they busy them in using technology like mobile phones, computer and watching T.V. They having no time for themselves. They do not focus on their health and themselves.

Question 9:- Do you like talking with older people? Why?

Answer:- Old people are the more important part of a house as old is gold. They have the experience of their whole life. They taught us good deeds. I really enjoy the company of old people because in their company I learn more things from their gossip.

Question 10:- At work or in school do you think people need to help each other?

Answer:- The survival of a sole person is not possible. They want help in every walk of life in the form of finance or courage, or motivation. Every person needs help. No one is perfect that he can survive all alone in this big world.

Question 11:- What is the value of teamwork?

Answer:- Teamwork is based on social unity. Alway teamwork is more fruitful than the solo person. It requires courage, and the strength would increase. Teamwork is much better than solo person work.

Question 12:- What are the sources of pressure in people’s lives?

Answer:- Pressure in life means crises of life that make it more difficult to survive. Nowadays, people of the whole world facing the main crisis is Covid which engulf whole national economy and structure badly. People became limited for growth.

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